We advocate the responsible ownership of all pets including primates. Perspective new owners must be aware that primates are highly social animals that require nearly constant interaction. We call them "babies" for a reason. They will require a great deal of your attention. Unless you are willing and able to give these special animals the type of attention they need, we cannot recommend them as new additions to your household. If you are ready for the committment , then we are here to assist you in finding that perfect baby.
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Ownership by State:

To determine if your state allows non-human primate ownership can be a daunting task. Because there is no federal laws or regulations governing the ownership and possession of non-human primates as pets, each state determines if ownership is allowed and, if allowed, what the requirements are. To make it even more confusing, counties and cites also have the right to place further restrictions on non-human primate ownership. This includes what types of non-human primates are allowed, what the license requirements are, what permit are required, caging requirements, and enforcement.

In an attempt to make ownership eligibility a bit less confusing, we've consolidated the requirements in an easy to read summary. These requirements are based on the types of pets available through only.


Please begin by selecting the state where you live and then clicking the GO button.